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The internet is much more than technology nowadays: it is a factor that changes cultures, behaviors and identities. The International Research Center for Design and Online Communication is a group of researchers studying how online interaction creates meaning and how behavior arises in online contexts. Findings are published in periodicals or within our network.

Research areas
We focus on 2 themes

Online behavior
The topics in this branch include interaction between humans and websites or applications, but also interaction between humans via the internet is relevant, provided there is a technological element involved. All research is based on an experimental paradigm. While multidisciplinary approaches are welcome, an approach from experimental psychology is preferred.

Meaning and the internet
This research branch investigates how the online world differs from the offline world in terms of creating meaning. However, possible topics include how online interaction changes meanings in the offline world. Preferred approaches are based on a solid theoretical basis in semiotics, especially behavioral semiotics.

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The International Research Center for Design and Visual Communication is accepting research proposals within the above specified research fields. Successful applicants are provided with mentoring, funding and technical help. Get your application form by clicking here and submit it below after you complete it.