your vision
and our counseling

The custom webdesign project starts with your vision. However, we always succeed in coming up with a few ideas to improve your concept and most of the time we take at least one week to discuss the project with you, time in which you improve and finalise your concept. In this phase of the webdesign project we don’t sit around and wait for your emails, but we actively engage in research and in profiling your competition.

designing the website

Once we know what your users expect from the webdesign and once the identity theme is set, we move on to the visual design of the website. This is the part of the project in which our exchange with you is most intense. We create each page and make graphic proposals, which you can accept, reject or request changes to.

your custom website
delivered on time

VITRUZ has been our partner for 3 years now, time in which they have continuously helped us grow our business.

Cristina Santiago, Bogota

For almost two years now, we have efficiently worked together with VITRUZ to create successful online projects.

Sebastian Lopez, Bogota


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